Thursday, 13 March 2014


Hellooo I've moved!
Initially we had to make wordpress blogs for our uni course after LFW this February and we still have to post some compulsory things on there so it's quite fashion-based but I'm also going to use it as a place to store my own work and inspiration in the future now so

Saturday, 19 October 2013


So I haven't posted on here all Summer (oops) and I'm now having to edit this post because I initially wrote it 2 days before I left Chesham and moved to Falmouth for university. I'm now re-writing this from my moderately untidy bedroom at uni. I've been here for a whole month as of yesterday and it's gone so, so fast. Yet it also feels like I've lived here forever! My course is amazing, I love it already and I've made some such good friends already, it feels like I've known some of them for years not weeks. I'll be posting some diary-type photos and some of the images I'm making for my first project asap.

Anyway, these are some self portraits I took in the week prior to moving to Falmouth. I was very lazy in terms of photography this summer and I thought it best to actually dust off my camera before I started a photography degree. Nothing special

Monday, 8 July 2013

Skin Part II & New website

So here are the 3 main images of my Final Major Project from my university exhibition. I've yaddered on about it enough now but if you hadn't yet read, my theme was Concealment - looking at concealing ourselves until we're no longer recognisable. The exhibition was a little while ago now, but I've been away and haven't had a chance to take any good quality photos of the paintings. A few people were confused when seeing them in real life about what they literally were - the more mystery the better I say - but they're digital photo collages which are then overpainted. 

I will be selling prints of these photos and any others from my blog this summer so if you're interested please email ! 

Here's a little phone snap of how my exhibition space looked - I was given a massive space which makes my work look really tiny but the images above are A3 if that makes it any clearer!

Here are some really terrible quality photos of some of the other work I had up (above) 

This week I've also re-listed and updated my website. I made it 2 years ago ish and then at some point I decided i hated it and made it all hidden but I spent ages this weekend updating it with a lot of current/recent work so check it out!

I'm going to get my etsy up and running ASAP where I'll be selling lots of prints this summer buttttt like I said, please email if you're interested in the meantime:
This will probably be the last set of really weird n ugly n creepy work I do for a while! Like I've said, I'm going to Falmouth University to study Fashion Photography in September and I'm going to focus on fashion for the summer so watch this space :) 
Hope you're all having a good summer x x x 

Saturday, 4 May 2013


More overpainting experiments for my fmp - concealment. Inspired by Rik Garrett's Symbiosis series. This quote basically sums up exactly what I'm trying to say through this project:

"We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves."
Francois de La Rochefoucauld 

My final exhibition at uni has been and gone now...I was really stuck on what to do for my project at first, I went down all these odd paths of different work and everything was very average and very uninspiring, but I ended up being really pleased with how my final piece turned out. I got a Distinction in my Art Foundation so I'm totally over the moon, and this means I will 100% be going to Falmouth University to study Fashion photography so yay! 
I'll be posting a photo of my exhibition space asap; I have a lot of new work to be released on here in the next few days - I'm on holiday at the moment and have my final fmp work waiting to be photographed/uploaded when I get home. I actually managed to sell some of my final images fairly quickly after somebody took a fancy to them at the exhibition opening, but for the summer I'm going to be trying to sell lots more prints/original artworks/photo-painitngs so keep your eye out: I'll post a link to an etsy page once I have it up and running. In the meantime:


Concealment II

Scanning scanning scanning all day long. These are a series of images for my FMP at uni - CONCEALMENT. It's finally starting to go somewhere. I have a bunch of work to upload here so look out for some more posts over the next few weeks or so. I'm really going to try and use this blog more - I plan to do lots of photos over the summer when I've finally finished my course. I need to get back into the mode of doing fashion-y photography, something that I haven't really been focussing on since I started my foundation course. It's definitely the aim for the summer - gotta get myself ready for Falmouth (fingers crossed)


Sunday, 28 April 2013


fmp work to the theme of concealment

there are a few more of these to come, i need to scan in my sketchbook and i've got tons of film to develop this week. I'm starting to get a lot more confident in this project - it went off to a rocky start, but these photo paintings have been (i think) really successful. They're definitely just starting points at the moment, but I'm liking where it's headed.
There should be lots of new work coming up soon, I only have a few weeks left of foundation so I'll have a lot of work relating to my fmp to post soon.
Destroying my ancestors - sorry! These are some little photo experiments for uni, looking at perfection, imperfection and destruction of memories and stuff. The original photographs were found at my grandma's house and they're all of my distant, distant relatives. 
Inspired by Maurizio Anerzi (I'll add some of his work at the bottom) who embroiders on top of old photographs. He's also done a really striking collaboration with photographer Richard Burbridge for Dazed & Confused back in June 2011 that I'm a massive fan of. 

Anerzi's work: